All across the city centre you can see flags flying high above our iconic buildings proclaiming one single word:-HELLO

This is an art installation by Peter Liversidge who always starts his artistic proposals on his typewriter. So however it has been first proposed (spelling mistakes and all) is how it ends up… Hence the single word sharing his idea. The Edinburgh Art Festival are excited about this ‘installation’:-


The artist’s proposal for the Edinburgh Art Festival will, we hope, be realised. The artist has invited anyone in the city with a flag pole to fly a white flag which bears the text: HELLO. According to its dictionary definition, ‘Hello’ is ‘used to express a greeting, answer a telephone, or attract attention an exclamation of surprise, wonder, elation, etc…’. The project stems from a desire to remind us that in its simplest sense, the flag too is a form of hello, “a greeting, an indication of intent be that benevolent or with malice”.

In a city which doubles in size in August, Liversidge’s proposal invites Edinburgh, visitors and residents alike, to join in a collective and universal greeting. In the artist’s own words, “a simple welcome across the rooftops. A buoyant, floating ‘hello’”.

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