Blueflint Credit: Stewart Ennis
Blueflint Credit: Stewart Ennis


Blueflint were  selected as one of the participating acts in this year’s ‘Made in Scotland’ showcase as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  The band’s shows took place on Friday and Saturday this weekend at the Acoustic Music Centre @ StBrides (Venue 123).  The band include female vocalists and banjo players Deborah Arnott and Clare Neilson, Danny Hart on the fiddle, Hugh Kelly double bass, and Ali Murray on drums.


Blueflint at the Acoustic Music Centre, Orwell Crescent, Edinburgh

With an original mix styles Blueflint are a reputable live act which is not surprising given the reaction of the audience during the Fringe 2013.  Their skill and craft are matched by the beauty of the folk songs, sublime ballad harmonies and foot-tapping up-beat bluegrass.

Blueflint have released two critically acclaimed  Albums High Bright Morning (2009) and Maudy Tree (2011), and  supported  The Proclaimers in 2012.

Trystan Davies of The Edinburgh Reporter spoke to Deborah and Clare: