Gilded Baloon Teviot Dining Room 31 July- 26 August daily performance at 1:30pm

The play: A ballerina finds unexpected pleasures on the sexual stage. Initiated by one of her lovers into an erotic experience of the ultimate submission, she discovers the joy that lies on the other side of convention with its risks, absurdities, and inevitable loss. The Surrender is the witty and profound true story of one woman’s sexual obsession.

Based on Toni Bentley’s daring memoir The Surrender -“an extraordinary book by a woman with an axe and an ass to grind” (Barry Humphries), adapted and played by Isabelle Stoffel -“a stunning actress” (El Mundo), under the direction of award winning film director Sigfrid Monleón -who “debuts brilliantly in theater” (El País). After an extended run of sold-out shows The Surrender has become a notable example of the artistic vitality of the alternative theatre scene in Spain and has subsequently been invited to the Spanish National Theatre keeping up the same keeping up the same success in the Theatre María Guerrero.