Gilded Balloon Teviot – Sportsmans July 31 – August 25 12.00

An original play by Matt Morillo

How about you and I create our own moment and it can go exactly as you want and you can create a new history?”

During the worst blizzard in New York City history, Julia, a call girl, arrives for an appointment with Jeffrey, a reclusive young man who has become rich by inventing best-selling sexual devices. What starts as a routine “trick” with trimmings (fake palm trees, suntan lotion, and lots of margaritas) ends up with Jeffrey and Julia helping each other uncover the wounds that led them to who they are, getting considerably more than they bargained for on this “first date.”

Matt Morillo’s sexy comedy is a cheeky but ultimately touching story of two lost souls in a big city searching for love and happiness in all the wrong places then accidentally finding each other.

Matt Morillo’s first play, Angry Young Women In Low-Rise Jeans With High-Class Issues, was a runaway hit on two continents, packing houses and receiving rave reviews through three separate runs in New York City, and two separate runs in Sydney, Australia. Of the 2008 Los Angeles production, Variety wrote, “Angry Young Women is a cheerfully raunchy show that boasts … hilarious writing and a sharp, fearless and funny cast.” Morillo’s other playwriting credits include All Aboard The Marriage Hearse, and American Soldiers. Also a screenwriter, he made his debut at age 23 with the award-winning film The Pretenders (2000), and he has written several highly lauded and award-winning short films, including Maid of Honor (2003).