Two Broughton High School pupils will this week get the chance to challenge some of the countries political heavyweight when BBC Question Time is broadcast from Edinburgh at 22.35 on BBC 1 on Thursday evening. This week’s question time is only open to young people aged sixteen to eighteen years old and Broughton pupils Daniel McIvor and Tom Bagshaw, son of  Green councillor Nigel, were both keen to get on the show.

Tom Bagshaw
Tom Bagshaw

Seventeen year-old Tom said:- “When the opportunity came up I was keen to get on the show, I had to complete an application form and this was followed by a telephone interview and I was happy to get a place”.

When asked about his political allegiances Tom was quick to set himself apart. He said “I usually try to distance myself from my dad’s politics. But I am interested to ask the panel questions about the difference in direction between The Scottish Government and the Government at Westminster and how the Scottish vote is often insignificant as for the past thirty years the Scottish vote has made no odds at the Westminster elections and if that’s the case how important is independence”.

Tom is also looking forward to meeting the panel which includes Ruth Davidson, Angus Robertson and controversial MP George Galloway.

Tune in on Thursday night to see how Tom gets on.

Details of the programme can be found on the BBC website.