by Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Cameron Rose who travelled to London to attend the funeral of former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher who died last week.

Thoughts on the funeral of Margaret Thatcher

As the coffin was carried through the doors  at St Paul’s and the bells sounded 11am with military timing, my thoughts were of paying personal respects rather than the world impact of Margaret Thatcher.

It was not so much the historic occasion, though that did weigh significantly.  Nor was it simply setting an example to my children and grandchildren.  I was also representing my fellow Conservative Councillors. All of these were reasons for joining the crowds lining the route, but some years ago, having seen her courage, clarity of vision and conviction, I resolved that her example and inspiration merited a personal pilgrimage to the funeral to mark her passing with respect.

The crowd around me was relaxed and respectful with a tone of appreciation, affection and even awe. Of course the procession was spectacular – with the ceremony, its precision and colour making an huge impact – and despite the security risks, we were within five yards of the cortège.

The coffin, carried on a gun carriage and movingly draped in the union flag, was a reminder of the Great Leveller who comes for us all.

It is not for us all to achieve in life the far reaching and positive  influence on world events that Margaret Thatcher did.  But her passing from life is a reminder of the imperative  to use the peace which we enjoy, and to which she contributed so significantly.

A frequent refrain in recent days has been that she was divisive.  More accurately, her clear-sighted analysis exposed fault lines which were already there.  It takes two sides for there to be divisions.

The world is a more peaceable place for her clarity, convictions and, yes, her exposing of divisions.

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