The University of Edinburgh has launched a new audio series called The Big Idea.

Bringing together Edinburgh’s brightest minds to discuss topical and though-provoking issues, the podcast’s launch show offers experts the chance to discuss next year’s referendum on Scottish independence.

During the show, academics will seek to answer questions about whether the wording of a referendum question can change people’s minds, what the main events of 2013 will be in shaping the independence debate, and whether Scotland will be better off as part of the United Kingdom or as an independent nation.

The Big Idea Podcast is available to download now for free from iTunes and iTunes U: 

Taking part in this month’s panel are Dr Nicola McEwen, director of public policy at the Academy of Government, Dr Simon Clark, head of the School of Economics, Professor Stephen Tierney, director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, and Professor Ewen Cameron, the Sir William Fraser chair of Scottish History.