Now and again as an Edinburgh resident, you come across many things that still surprise you. Well a cracking little surprise was the function suite in The Newsroom at the top of Leith Street.

I had quite a few friends coming to the capital for a long weekend, and we wanted to havee a private area where we could get a band in to play and have the space to have a good night. I asked local band, The Asps, if they would play and, when they agreed, I embarked on a journey to find a room to house us all.

After looking at a few places I was beginning to lose heart as some places were very expensive and some were already booked. I went onto the internet and just  ran a search for “function rooms in Edinburgh”. When I went through some of the places it listed, one of these was The Newsroom. I clicked on the pictures and realised this may be the perfect place.  It turns out it was.  The room is a great area to have a get together, with a small stage, a ready-made great p.a system already in place and separate bar it was a brilliant room to host an event.

I must also thank Lewis, the manager, and his staff who were excellent all night long and made sure things were going smoothly even though the rest of The Newsroom was very busy.

The Newsroom function suite is in my opinion a fantastic hidden gem in Edinburgh.


  1. It’s a great function room . Neither too big or too small . An ideal room for a private event . Enjoyed the event with The Asps and the sound system was better than I expected .

  2. First night in Edinburgh in a long time,have to say,thoroughly enjoyed it.This place was perfect,facilities second to none,service was top notch,and the music was superb.The size of the room made the atmosphere that wee bit more intimate,just perfect.Well done The Newsroom!

  3. I would recommend this room to anybody who is in need of a place to bring family and friends together for such occasions as birthday celebrations, anniversary etc.. it’s got everything you need for a good night! No waiting for long periods to be served at the bar, toilet facilities only a stones throw away, a stage, room to dance and a place to sit and chat. Bring your own DJ or musician and the job’s a good un! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with friends and watching The Asps play here, it was just perfect for what we needed.

  4. Had a great night at The Newsroom. The venue is great for small, intimate gatherings. As already been said, the staff were great and I would recommend The Newsroom to anyone.

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