Last Saturday Edinburgh band, The Asps, played three gigs in one day between London’s Hyde Park and Victoria Park as part of BT London Live a series of concerts during the Olympic Games.

The band played at Edinburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe George Street on Thursday Night and then drove down to London on Friday in readiness for their trio of concerts the following day.

PJ Dourley the band’s lead singer said this about the whole day:-

“We arrived at Victoria Park and were ushered to our very own dressing room. This was immense because we had spent all morning on London Transport which was extremly busy, so it was nice to get a bit of down time.

The stage at Victoria Park was massive, the sound was definitely the biggest we have ever played. The gig itself was great, it was really chilled at Victoria Park, but there were a lot of people spread out and once we started playing they started moving over to us. After that we had to move quickly to Hyde Park.  When we got off the tube and arrived at Hyde Park , we were in shock at the crowds. We moved over to the gate and as we arrived the security shouted:- “Ahh! The Asps have arrived!!”   It was so nice to know that not only were we not lost but that in the many millions of people waiting in queues, we were actually anticipated by security.

We were quickly ushered through and again moved to the back stage area where we had another dressing room. First gig we did in Hyde Park was at 5:20 and it was an instant hit with the crowd. They were going mad. There must have been easily 30,000 people watching and within earshot of the band, but the highlight gig was our headline slot at the Live Connection band stand later that evening at 9.30pm. Jessica Ennis had just achieved a world record and team GB were winning everything coining the name ‘Super Saturday’.

Later on we were the main source of music and everyone there just hit the band stand.  It was thousands deep and at one point we got them to sing ‘I guess I chose All the wrong Idols’. It was like the sound of a hurricane, so, so exciting to hear your songs being sung by thousands of people who have never heard of you before now. It was a true success and there have been many opportunities opened up for us through this.”

While The Asps can bask in the success that they had on Saturday they are certainly not cooling their heels they are due to play two gigs in Princes Street  Gardens Ross Bandstand very soon on 16th and 23rd August and are writing more material in anticipation of recording their debut album in San Francisco with world-renowned producer Ron Nevison.

To find out more about The Asps:!/theaspsband!/TheAsps