Jonny Woo:Wonder Woo-Man, Assembly Festival

Venue 3, Assembly George Square

Jonny Woo takes to the stage in crystal-encrusted stilettoes, a huge hat bristling with ostrich feathers, and a tailored jacket covered in pearlescent sequins. Yet it is not  this ensemble – or any of the many others donned throughout the evening – that glitters most brightly in this cabaret performance. That honour is reserved for Woo himself.

With a strong voice, a background in theatre and dance and time served as a drag (from Shakespeare’s stage directions: DRessed As a Girl) queen in New York, it is hardly surprising that Jonny Woo is in high demand as a performer, model, emcee and more. Charisma is a thing that can’t be taught, but Woo has it in spades, along with a surprising warmth that ensures his audience always feel in on the joke.

This show is an autobiographical account of Woo’s youth, interspersed with original music and dance sequences, poetry, comedy, performance art and of course many, many wigs. It is a delightfully intimate cabaret in which the audience leave feeling as though they have made a new and glamourous friend.

Edinburgh Fringe website has booking information here

GroupJonny Woo
VenueAssembly George Square
Date3-26 August
Duration1 hour

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