Venue 124, Zoo

The blurb for Carlo Jacucci‘s innovative one-man show tantalises with a vague description: “…the character is a man who preaches from a book he never read, he becomes a captain, an accordionist, a marathon runner and a caterpillar…” But even this surreal description fails to prepare the audience for what lies in store.

Vitamin is almost impossible to describe. It consists of a seemingly random selection of quirky set pieces with little obvious connection. In the hands of expert physical perfomer Carlo Jacucci, these mini tableau become a gloriously life-affirming flow of silliness. For 55 minutes, the audience has the chance to experience the childlike wonder of discovering where Jacucci’s stream of consciousness will lead them next.

The Fringe offers comedy in all its guises, but for pure and simple joy, a dose of Vitamin is just what the doctor ordered