Stuart Roy McIvor has represented the Inverleith Ward as an SNP councillor during the last administration. He is now quitting as a councillor and sent us the following thoughts.

“As you probably know I am not going for re-election. I have a number of possibilities up my sleeve for future employment including investigation work which is something I know a lot about.

I hope to be still active in the area leading up to the referendum which of course is very important and already the scaremongers – of which I came across many in the last five years – are hard at work. They really are a discredit to Scotland. In fact, to use the terminology, they disrespect their own people and country. It is so disappointing because I met many Scots when I worked in London who had a far more positive attitude. I have studied both modern and ancient Scottish history at university, and I know that as an independent country we could do so much better.

I leave the council in a much better state than it was in 2007, although of course it is not going to be easy over the next few years. The vast amount of people who work in the council do an excellent job, and I will miss working with them.

Perhaps the greatest achievement locally was our securing of £6m to refurbish Glenogle Baths – when I know that privately Labour would have demolished it if they had got into the Administration. More recently I had success in persuading the council to go back to the drawing board on the Inverleith depot site.

But for me the real achievements have been helping individuals with many and varied problems, the kind of folk who rarely create a fuss and can be almost painfully apologetic for bothering you. I shall miss them too. But we have great candidates with fresh approaches who I am sure will be a credit to the SNP and Edinburgh.”

Stuart Roy McIVOR

SNP Councillor Inverleith

Contact details until 2 May 2012

0131 529 3289