A new student officer team has been chosen at Edinburgh University Students’ Association
Over 6300 students at the University of Edinburgh have voted to elect a new team of student officers to lead the students’ association during 2012 – 13. Students placed their votes during 26 – 29th March and the final results were revealed at a presentation on 29 March.
James McAsh was elected as President of Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA), Max Crema as Vice-President for Services, Hazel Marzetti as Vice-President for Societies and Activities and Andrew Burnie as Vice-president for Academic Affairs.
In addition to these sabbatical officers over 40 more students were elected to sit on the Student Councils in part-time positions. The four new student sabbatical officers will take a year out of their studies to represent students at the University full-time. They will officially replace the existing sabbatical team in June.
Matt McPherson, current EUSA President, said:-
“EUSA continues to have one of the highest voting turn outs of any students’ union in the UK and it was great to see so many people out campaigning. Students at Edinburgh are keen to get involved and make a difference. With spiralling fees, rocketing course costs and an increasingly uncertain future for higher education, there has never been a more crucial time to represent the interests of students.
“This year EUSA has got a host of achievements under its belt, including successful lobbying for hundreds of thousands of more pounds in bursaries, influencing Scottish Government and Council policy, and delivered in partnership with the University a revolutionary personal tutor system. I wish the newly elected sabbatical officers the very best of luck in making much needed changes to the student experience at Edinburgh.”