Girls only!  A day of celebration for women – do you want to look your best and be your best for Mother’s Day?

Dr Jane Jamieson, practicing nutritionist and massage therapist will host the day with an international author, holistic coach and channel, Roxette Denne, who has written the book “The Light Speaks”. Roxette has made appearances on television and been interviewed on the radio in the USA. Roxette has been delighting audiences around the world with her words of wisdom. “I can’t stop thinking about Roxette’s words.”

This special Mother’s Day event will pamper and enlighten women of all ages about self wellness and innovations for being a healthier, sexier and younger looking woman. “First and foremost  it will be a fun day and a celebration of Mother’s Day, and who doesn’t want that!” laughs Jane.

Jane has co-produced International retreats and conferences in many countries and promises this one will be unique and rewarding. We understand the value of retreats, giving people time to relax, reflect and enjoy the experience of feeling refreshed and renewed that sometimes life commitments don’t allow for.   The ALL About Women Day is a culmination of the speakers and therapists life’s work, developed techniques and remedies bringing them together to make a sensational life-changing event.

Empowering talks and self-healing techniques will be experienced for personal growth and vibrant health in mind, body and spirit.

Jane says “the techniques are fun and interesting. For example you will learn Facelift exercises to increase the tone and beauty of the facial skin. Free mineral testing to help understand your body balance and metabolism. Fresh juice sampling for a gentle start to the detoxification process, and healthy cakes which will delight the palate and help you to lose weight. Yes! I did just say help you to lose weight”

As a nutritional therapist, Jane has noticed that once mineral balance is corrected and metabolism is supported it is so much easier for people to lose weight, it happens much more naturally.

“I love teaching people these simple techniques and seeing the light bulbs going on – I frequently hear comments such as “You know that makes so much sense, nobody explained it like that to me before.” or “Now I understand why it wasn’t working before, I can do this!””

This day is about feeling happy, enjoying yourself, your sisters, your mother, your friends and other women. This is the perfect time of year to learn these techniques as we are coming out of the hibernation of the winter, with all the feelings of sluggishness and low energy and need to freshen up and revitalise for the spring. A special gift bag will be given to all attendees.

Saturday 17th March 2012 – 10am – 4pm

Dr Jane Jamieson, 07905636050

All About Women Poster