The Culture and Leisure Committee will discuss the future of the sailing facilities at Port Edgar, South Queensferry this morning.

The marina facility is in need of some upgrading to ensure its continued use by sailors. Edinburgh Leisure advised the council last year that they planned to make a withdrawal from management of the area by the end of the financial year 2013/14. The council as owners of the property must find some other body to lease and run the marina and, separately, the sailing school which is sited there.

The proposal put before the committee today is that the council spends £10,000 on work to be carried out by marine engineers to provide estimates for upgrading the main harbour structures.

The pontoons and berths at the marina only have a life expectancy of around two to four years so it is vital that something is done now to try and rescue the facility.

But Edinburgh Leisure may still run the sailing school if their bid to the council is accepted. It is currently being formulated and will be presented to the council later for approval.

A spokesman for Queensferry and District Community Council commented:-“QDCC has worked closely with the Port Edgar Marina users, businesses and council officials over a long period of time in developing a plan for the future development of the marina into a sustainable sporting facility, and this report is the first important step in seeking alternative providers.”

This is the report to be put to the committee today:-

2012 Port Edgar v10