In the battle of the black and whites, things are likely to heat up again at Edinburgh Zoo as the top five most adopted animals has been announced.


Penguins have reigned supreme for many years, with kings in first place, gentoos in second and rock hoppers in third.  However rankings have been given a shake up with the arrival of Tian Tian and Yang Guang, two giant pandas who arrived at Edinburgh Zoo at the end of last year.


Yes, the giant pandas have upstaged the penguins once more and are settling in nicely to the top spot.  Now the most popular animals for adoption across the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, panda adoptions make up 16% of all adoptions.  The leader board breaks down as follows:


1. Giant pandas

2. King penguins

3. Gentoo penguins

4. Rock hopper penguins

5. Walker the polar bear at the Highland Wildlife Park


Tracy Hope, Assistant Development Manager of Membership and Animal Adoption at Edinburgh Zoo, said:


“We’ve had an outstanding number of people adopt our pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang since they arrived at Edinburgh Zoo late last year.  Due to their incredible popularity it’s not a surprise how quickly they became the new ‘favourites’ for adoption.  Our king penguins had actually been top of the animal adoption list for the last seven years, but being very regal poised birds they seem to be taking the news very well.”


Animal adopters at Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park can choose from over 100 species across the collection to adopt.  They don’t get to take their adopted animal home, but get a range of benefits depending on the level of package chosen.  Adoption packages start from £40.  Please visit for further information.

The Reporter predicted this would happen of course in our December video…