The Council has called a special meeting today to discuss the Alternative Business Model, and the possible outsourcing of some key roles within council staff.

There is a very short agenda which you can read below.

Before the meeting The Reporter spoke to the Labour Group leader Andrew Burns who said:-“The Labour Group have opposed the Alternative Business Model workstream since its inception in the February 2009 Administration Budget. All the evidence, which we have carefully considered – and our Statutory Duty to deliver best value and balance quality with cost – indicates to us that this procurement process should be terminated and these public services should be retained in-house.”

The Conservative Group have confirmed:-“We are supporting the officers’ recommendations for 2 different ABM proposals.”

The Council explained last week what the ABM process is all about…

“The officer recommendation in the report is for MITIE to enter into a partnership contract with the Council for the next seven years. MITIE, as prime contractor, proposes to establish Vital Edinburgh as a wholly owned subsidiary of MITIE Group PLC. Vital Edinburgh will be supported by partners Atkins and Lambert Smith Hampton.This potential strategic partnership is due to be considered by Councillors at a meeting on Thursday, 19 January

The officer recommendation is part of the Council’s Alternative Business Models programme. This involved a competitive dialogue process which was agreed by Council in February 2009.

A full business case has also been prepared which considers the best value solution to the Council for Corporate and Transactional Services. This analysis concludes that there is not a compelling business case to adopt a partnership model and therefore the Council should terminate the procurement without a contract award.

The report recommends that the Council should develop the vision set out within the public sector comparator and immediately implement a programme of improvement of the services included within the Corporate & Transactional Services workstream. Further reports will be made to the appropriate committees as this improvement programme progresses.”



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