In the news today:

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Edinburgh University Anti Cuts

Edinburgh Interactive

Pauline Symaniak

Illegal Jacks 

First of all our photo is from the newly renovated Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Have you been there yet? What do you think? And if you missed it we wrote about it on Monday…And if nothing else you could just amble in the front door and turn left for the Hot Scots photography exhibition…

The Edinburgh University Anti Cuts campaign has written a very long article about their action on Wednesday in support of the November 30th strikes. They explain that supergluing some of the lecture theatre doors made the security staff ‘go mental’. Their aim was to ensure that the university buildings were not used yesterday.

You can already book for an event which takes place in Edinburgh next August. Edinburgh Interactive is Edinburgh’s longest running games event and you can book your tickets here.

Pauline Symaniak is still cycling her way round the globe, and raising money for Oxfam on the way. It is so long since we heard from her that we felt sure she must be home by now. But no, according to her latest blog she is in a place called Geraldine in New Zealand.

You have doubtless heard of Illegal Jacks if you like a burrito or two. If not, then all you need to know is that they are a Tex-Mex restaurant on Lothian Road, set up about two years ago. We heard from Jack himself that he is in London today, hopefully to pick up a wee gong at the inaugural UK Social Media Buzz Awards. They are the only small business nominated. Jack said:-“All the rest are large corporations, many mulitnationals, and all have one thing in common: their own digital agency behind them. Whereas our effort have been made by our customers. So maybe the story is, why do the customers care so much that we survive in this recession? Whatever the answer, 4 of them are my guests tomorrow in London, along with 4 of us from the company.” We wish Jack well today!