Purple Dancer

A young Edinburgh photographer has been given a boost from the Youth Enterprise Guide Project funded by the council.  Raymond Keith is now running his own business following assistance from the scheme.

Jimmy O’Connell is a project manager with Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce who are responsible for the day to day running of the scheme. He said:-“Raymond Keith first met with me as his Enterprise Guide through the council funded Young Enterprise Guide Project in June 2010 to discuss to discuss setting up a photography business.  He had just recently completed his photography training at Stevenson College but was struggling to find gainful full time employment in the industry.  Working part time for a well known supermarket, he was becoming increasingly frustrated that he was not fully utilising his training and qualifications.

After a series of meetings with Raymond over the following months we produced a business plan, marketing plan and financial projections so that he could approach the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) to request funding to help get his business up and running.  Raymond successfully applied for, and was awarded a low cost loan from PSYBT which gave him much needed finance to get his business off the ground. Through the Young Enterprise Guide Project, Raymond was also supported in the opening up of a business bank account and to this day makes regular use of the after care support offered through the programme as and when  he needs it.

For the past 15 months Raymond’s business has continued to grow through the tireless motivation and effort he makes in marketing and promoting Raymond Keith Photography.  Not only does he now have a rapidly filling 2012 wedding photography calendar, but he has also secured contract work through the Post Code Lottery and he lectures in Photography part time at Stevenson College.  With his consistent tenacity and dogged determination to succeed, Raymond’s’ business looks set to continue to grow from strength to strength.
Juniper Green

Just last month Raymond was awarded and presented with the “Young Enterprise Guide Project, Certificate of Excellence” by Councillor Tom Buchanan and sponsored by The City of Edinburgh Council.  This award is in recognition of the hard work and immense achievements Raymond has gained over the last year with Raymond Keith Photography.

Councillor Tom Buchanan, Convener of the Economic Development Committee at the City of Edinburgh Council, said: “The Young Enterprise Project provides invaluable help to entrepreneurs who use their initiative and skills to set up their own business. Starting their own career takes determination and is yet another option open to youngsters once they leave full time education. The Council is delighted to support this scheme, and we wish people like Raymond every success in his career.”