The Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee of The City of Edinburgh Council is meeting on Tuesday 6th August. There are 23 items on the agenda. We think there are some important issues and will be at the meeting to bring you a report afterwards. Some of the issues to be highlighted are as follows:-

– To respond to the motion raised that EHRC have written to the Council on four occasions since the decision was taken by this administration to charge £20 to access the Blue Badge Scheme.

– Consultation on the idea of non-mandatory speed reduction signage ie. employing the use of wheelie-bin stickers are other signage to encourage speed reduction.

– Report of the funding and promotion of reusable shopping bags.

– A report exploring how local traders might be supported in their recycling efforts, encouraging a more organised approach to recycling and service improvements to facilitate this.

– A report after investigation of the safety of the Lower Granton Road area, after a collision there earlier this year, proposed warning signs and speed indicators to warn drivers.

– A report on the motion regarding the proposal by Spokes to redesign the Meadows/Bruntsfield to Lothian Road corridor to make it more cycle, pedestrian and bus friendly.

– A report into the revised implementation project for the trams project and variation orders to be dealt with, discussion of objections to proposals received from residents in Ainslie Place and Great Stuart Street Area.

– Update regarding widening public access to city centre gardens.

– Update on progress in implementing the Council’s Allotment Strategy “Cultivating Communities: A Growing Challenge”; and to seek Committee approval to consult with plot holders on proposed new Allotment Regulations.

– Update on the quality of the city’s local environment, predominantly taking into account external validation surveys such as Cleanliness Index Monitoring System (CIMS).

– To inform the Committee of the response submitted by the City of Edinburgh Council to the High Speed Rail: Investing in Britain’s Future Consultation.

– To update Committee on progress made in investigating the potential for Priority Parking as a solution to commuter parking pressures.

– Amendments to nine hours parking areas, such as that around Inverleith Park, which are inconvenient for short-term parking. To improve flexibility it is proposed to amend the charging structure and remove the minimum stay requirement.

– Seafield Road and Craigleith to Botanic Garden Cycle Route – Commencement of Statutory Procedures to Permit Use of Footways by Cyclists.

– Report to seek approval on the proposals for a 20mph zone in the Coates area including the outcome of the consultation with heritage groups and other agencies on the detailed design of the scheme.

– A report on proposals for a 20mph speed limit pilot in South Edinburgh, approval was sought to commence the statutory procedure to promote the Traffic Regulation.

The meeting will be at 10am in the City Chambers.

The agenda is shown below



  1. By prior arrangement, a deputation representing many residents from South Morningside, attended this meeting of the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee on Tue 2 Aug 2011. The committee refused to hear a statement from this deputation…

    There was no explanation, given in layman’s terms, about the specific, significant reasons why the delegation would not be heard. What problems could be caused by simply hearing a statement ? If there were matters within the statement that could not be considered by the meeting – then the Chairman could have given that direction about those specific points.

    The main question the deputation wanted answered was “Will this Committee respect the voice of the people in deciding whether or not to approve the proposed Priority Parking scheme?”. Given we could not even have a voice to ask this simple question… We are left dumbfounded.

    This only further erodes the little, shaky, remaining confidence residents have in the planned consultation process.

    For further background information see –

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