Look away now if you have not yet done the quiz which Dr Paul from The Newsroom set up for us! You can still try it if you would like to – no prizes, just a feeling of a job well done….

1. True or False: Elvis Presley weighed more than eighteen stones when he died?
a. False (only 16 and a half)

2. In the French language all objects are either masculine or feminine, so what is the gender of cheese?
a. Masculine ( le fromage)

3. Which Mister Man lived in Nonsenseland and won the Nonsense Cup by painting the leaves of the trees green?
a. Mr Silly

4. Within two inches, how long was the longest ever female beard?
a. 14 inches ( owned by Janice Devree of Washington USA)

5. What is taller: two mini-me’s or one Sylvester Stallone?
a. One Sylvester Stallone ( 5’7” v 5’4”)

6. Anagram (famous person): DIAMOND KETTLE
a. Kate Middleton

7. According to a survey of 100 people, who would win a fight to the death (no weapons): Michael Caine or Lady Gaga?
a. Michael Caine

8. True or False: Gravity is more powerful in London than it is in Edinburgh because London is nearer the equator?
a. False

9. In fifteen seconds, can you think of five movies that have one-word titles?
a. e.g. Elf, Paul, Arachnaphobia, Twister, Jaws

10. In 30 seconds can you think of five bands with insects in their name?
a. e.g Alien Ant Farm, Mcfly, The Bees, Santana, The Beatles