@ C eca, Venue 50, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, EH1 9DF

The next generation of entertainment from Japan is set to arrive in Edinburgh this August. The world premiere of SIRO-A’s TECHNODELIC COMEDY SHOW will take to the stage at C eca from WEDNESDAY 3 until MONDAY 29 AUGUST at 3.50pm.

SIRO-A’S TECHNODELIC COMEDY SHOW is a multimedia interactive show that combines live electronic music, comedy and human body performances with video projection technology and optical illusions.

Signature acts includes The Barcode Man, Human Layers, Movie Catcher, Box Man, Smash Fitter, and for the first time ever at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, audiences will see twinkleman, whose body movements sync perfectly with LED lights and electronic sounds. Every performance of SIRO-A’S TECHNODELIC COMEDY SHOW will be unique, featuring impromptu interactive segments with the audience, sampling their voices, images and mixing them in real time on stage.

SIRO-A, a six strong Japanese entertainment performance group from Sendai, Japan, was formed in 2002. The name SIRO-A, derived from the Japanese word ‘SIRO which means white or colourless, means to belong to no group or impossible to define.

SIRO-A performed to over 30,000 people at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo representing Japan. Edinburgh Festival Fringe will mark the first time they perform in Europe. Over the years they have performed at music festivals such as Summer Sonic 2010 and received various awards including the Bronze Award at GEISHA#7 and the Kindo Award at TOKYO COMP#2.

For further information about SIRO-A: TECHNODELIC COMEDY SHOW visit them on Facebook or Twitter

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