Emily Dodd is multi-talented. She is one of those rather annoying people who nearly did an art degree, then decided she would study science instead. Actually she is not annoying at all, simply a very nice person who achieves an amazing amount of creativity in each 24 hours. The science has undoubtedly stood her in good stead in her role as a volunteer contributor to the eco website Greener Leith for which she  just won an award last month.

Here is the video to tell you about that….

She used to work for BBC radio, and has been recording podcasts for Greener Leith covering a wide variety of subjects but all in the ethos of the website, which is to make Leith a greener place.

She can however still draw, and her illustrations have been put to good use in her book which is just about to be published.

The book, which is called Banana me Beautiful is to be launched as an ebook very soon. The Facebook page which she just launched for the book has had around 1,000 visitors a day since its launch! This is what Emily says about it:-“The thing that makes this book a little different is, it’s a collection of poems and artwork from a child, a teenager and an adult. The child, teenager and adult are all me.”  And you can find out more here….

She recorded one of her poems called Starling: My Darling and you can listen to it here…..


As she says in the video she has volunteered as a ‘surgeon’ for EdinBuzz which has been a series of surgeries to help those described as patients. This term does not refer to those who are ill, but those who need help with social media, Facebook, blogging or writing online. Edinbuzz surgeries should be back somewhere near you later in the year.

Oh – and she is an education officer for Changeworks….and she rides a bike….along the paths suggested by the Innertube Cycle Map (which itself has progressed quickly and become interactive!)

We think really we will have to do another feature on her when her book is published but meantime we are off for a lie-down.

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