The Edinburgh Magic Festival becomes the annual Edinburgh Magic Festival this summer as it prepares for its second consecutive year. 2011’s programme runs from 1-8 July and promises to provide yet more stunning visuals and mind-bending trickery.

Some of the Festival highlights include,

-Magic Dinner. (2 July 7.00pm. Royal Scots Club)

Held in the luxurious Royal Scots Club, participants can enjoy fine dining alongside a magical cabaret featuring the psychic skills of Scotland’s Colin McLeod and the theatrical outlandishness of Romany – The Diva of Magic.

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-Magic school. (2-8 July 10.00am and 1.30 pm. Sandeman House)

The magic school returns this year with a new programme for children aged 7-12. The ‘workshop’ lets the kids learn basic skills required to become little wizards and witches.

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Michael Neto

-Paul Wilson. “Artifice, The Art of Deception” (2 July 12.00pm and 2.00pm. The Scottish Storytelling centre)

Also back this year after receiving great acclaim in 2010, Paul Wilson, star of the BBC’s hit TV series, “The Real Hustle”, presents his show. Unnerving tales of grifters and con-men combined with stunning displays of sleight of hand, should make this a day to remember.

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-Javier Jarquin. “Card Ninja” (2-3 July 5.00pm. The Stand)

Award winning magic and comedy act, Javier Jarquin views the term “card trick” slightly differently from most magicians. The New Zealander has played at numerous major festivals around the world and promises an explosive performance.

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– “Illumineseance” (4-5 July 10.00pm and 11.00pm. The Real Mary King’s Close)
A slightly alternative night out perhaps but for those with a taste for the unknown, D. John Michael Hilford’s historical recreation of a séance might be just what’s needed.

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