The Ferryburn Fairies are the enthusiastic team at Ferryburn Dental Care. They have  decided to promote pink power, something they are passionate about as an all-female dental practice.

So they are taking up the   challenge of walking The Edinburgh Moonwalk on 11 June. They said:-“We are supporting thousands of brave women in their fight against breast cancer, which, as healthcare professionals, we know can be tough.

Our new bright pink uniforms and logo reflect our strong positive attitude which is in accordance with The Moonwalk ethos! Check out our Facebook page

Our mission is to bring smiles to as many people as possible and supporting the Moonwalk is helping us achieve this goal.”

There are nine of them in the team and they are all doing the Moonwalk! They are Karen McPherson, Leigh Thomson,  Rhona Anderson, Wendy Findlay, Fiona Doyle,  Ann Greig, Jan Clarke, Grace Leek and  Maria Papavergos. Jan, Grace and Maria are the dentists, Fiona and Ann are the hygienists, Karen is the practice manager, Leigh, Rhona and Wendy are the nurses.

So how are they getting on with their training?

“We started training on 27th March with our weekly walking schedule, ticking off the miles as we went! Some of us have clubbed together to form an ‘after-work’ walking group to clock up our miles, others have been out with their dogs to keep the walking going. A few of us are up to 10 miles now.

We’ve just received our bras in the post and are getting ready to decorate!”

You can also follow the girls on Twitter to see how they are getting on.