All the Devils Inside Her – this is a collaboration between Ross Kerr and Michelle Gates and is currently showing at the gallery on the corner till 30 April.

South African artist Ross Kerr and British artist Michelle Gates come together for the first time in this joint exhibition.

The works are an extension of their psyches, a channel of communication between themselves, the canvas and the viewer, conveying their expression of liberation from the symptoms of their individual mental illnesses.

The works are all expressionist and abstract, created through pen and ink, and graphite drawings on paper.

Michelle Gates is a self-taught British artist who suffers from depression and OCD. She has exhibited her work in the USA, Canada and throughout the United Kingdom. Her work is influenced by the nature of her emotions and her environment, both directly affected by her mental illness. She loves the interplay between colour and light, and the perceived and non-perceived worlds. Her dreams are also a vivid source of inspiration, those twilight-zone scenarios where reality and fantasy become intertwined. Emotional expression is key in all of her works.

Ross Kerr creates artwork to liberate himself from psychosomatic distress and the symptoms of mental illness in general. This remains consistent in all of his work. His artwork consists mainly of large scale splash paintings and smaller graphite works on paper. He has exhibited extensively in South Africa and abroad. He does not attempt to make a sophisticated or intellectual statement in his work, but rather allows himself to be led by the paintbrush or pencil. He allows techniques to be discovered, not taught and any interpretation of his work is the correct one. Giving each painting a title is the only intellectual significance to him. “A title does speak a thousand words.”

the gallery on the corner fully represents and supports inclusive artwork and crafts produced by artists who have a physical or mental health condition or those from a disadvantaged background. It provides a platform to exhibit and sell artwork in a high profile location in the heart of Edinburgh’s gallery district.

the gallery on the corner is the first social firm developed by Autism Ventures Scotland (AVS). Part of Autism Initiatives UK, AVS has been established to create employment opportunities and experiences for people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) in Scotland.

AVS offers traineeships and other opportunities to people with ASC. The traineeships include on the job and vocational training, resulting in a recognised qualification.