MSPs Shirley-Anne Somerville and Malcolm Chisholm have kindly agreed to cook at the CORE World Café and fundraise for their work.

CORE Director, Tesfu Gessesse, said:-“The unique nature of CORE is that we are not pro any particular political party. We believe in working with and putting the issues that affect our communities to all democratically elected politicians and forge a critical and constructive friendship with all of them.

I like to think that it is for this reason both Ms Somerville and Mr. Chisholm have put their party politics aside and decided to support the work of CORE. Ms Somerville will be cooking at our World Café on February 25th and Mr Malcolm will be cooking on Friday 25th March World Café.”

Ms Somerville said:-“CORE do a lot of great work and I’m delighted to show my support for them once again by helping out at the World Cafe. Cooking isn’t exactly my strong point so I’m hoping to pick up a few tips while I help out not to mention sampling some great food once I get a chance to meet up with the folk that have came along.”

On the night, there will have empty tins/buckets for donations.

Once the food is served, people will have an opportunity to discuss issues and ask questions of Ms Somerville at the February event and Mr. Chisholm at the March event.

Please do come in and book your places as soon as possible!

CORE (formerly BCDP) is one of the leading organisations in Scotland developing community-based initiatives to promote social justice and improved lives for diverse minority ethnic people who live in North Edinburgh in particular Forth and Inverleith area’s. It evolved out of a strategic collaborative effort between The Muirhouse Anti-Racism Campaign (MARC) and The Pilton Community Education Team to combat racism, when in August 1991, the local, mainly white community in Muirhouse rallied around a family of ‘mixed-race’ background, who were being socially and racially harassed.

CORE was founded on the recognition that racial harassment and discrimination deter minority ethnic residents from using local services and taking a pro-active role in articulating their needs around service provision and in fully participating in civil society. Since (as BCDP) it became independent in August 1995, CORE’s main goal has been to challenge the marginalisation and oppression of minority ethnic people in Greater Pilton, by adopting an approach to its work that is unique in a number of ways.


4-5 Inchgarvie Court,
Ferry Road Drive,
Edinburgh, EH4 4DA

[googleMap name=”CORE” width=”400″ height=”400″]4-5 Inchgarvie Court Ferry Road Drive, Edinburgh, EH4 4DA[/googleMap]