While most of you were still in your beds asleep this morning, former Edinburgh resident, Ian Goudie, has had a great start to the New Year. Ian is already a fairly experienced runner. He ran 65 races last year, including travelling 6000 miles to run the Bangkok Marathon. He ran three races last week, xmas, boxing day and the 27th of December. The 50-something year old also ran the first ever Edinburgh Marathon in 1983 in 3.26.12. With all of this under his belt, he decided to run three races today – all in Edinburgh – and did very well indeed.

Goudie said:-“In the first race which was the Edinburgh Park run at 9.30 I finished 30th in 20:45. I then took part in the Portobello Promathon at 11.30 which is a 4 miler. I was 89th with a personal best of 27:10. In the third race which was the One o’clock run down the Royal Mile I got a personal best of 5:26 and was first veteran (over 35) and 12th overall in the race. What a privilege it was to run down the ancient Royal Mile, steeped in history as it is.”

And here is the proof that he actually did take part in all three races. Well done Ian!