It doesn’t take a genius to understand that cuts in public expenditure will impact on everyone in the public sector. But what happens when an ageing infrastructure meets finely stretched end users and a hard pressed IT team? Well, there is only one of two options:-

a) You find smarter and faster ways of working and make intelligent economies
b) Try to muddle through… and pay the personal, professional and operational price.

Where’s the clever money? We all know the answer. What can you do about it? A good place to start is by questioning the cost, the efficiency and the fit-for-purpose nature of every tool you currently use. Look at it that way and a crisis can become an opportunity. Take your current internet security software…it may offer a perfect illustration, according to a local IT company.

SimplyFixIT have partnered with Internet security company, AVG Technologies, to introduce an offer that is perfect for these austere times.

Full Protection – for only £5.00 per user, per year with AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2011. Valid across Education, Government, Public Sector, NHS and not-for-profit public sector organisations.

There are no catches and no sliding scale. No matter the size of your organisation, whether under 50 or over 500, the cost of this outstanding AVG product is £5.00 per user, per year for the complete protection of your network.

Scott Wilkinson, from SimplyFixIT said: “Our plans for 2011 are to start helping the public sector and charities in a way that nobody else does. £5.00 per computer per year allows charities and Public Sector IT departments to save money but actually get a better product than their current software. AVG doesn’t slow down computers as much as other Business class Internet Security packages, so users should see a speed boost with their computer too, raising productivity. Win – Win”

There are 4 SimplyFixIT outlets currently within the city:-

78 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh
544 Lanark Road, Juniper Green
138 High St, Dalkeith
1 Forrest Road, Edinburgh