More than six thousand Scottish solicitors have now signed up to receive Scottish Legal News.

The free daily e-news service for Scotland’s lawyers, which was launched in June 2008, has welcomed almost 1,500 new subscribers since this time last year – an increase of 24 per cent.

Meanwhile, circulations at The Scotsman and The Herald have fallen to record lows. Year-on-year sales at both were down by more than seven per cent to less than 42,000 at the Edinburgh paper and 52,500 at its Glasgow rival.

Editor, Baktosch Gillan said: “When we launched Scottish Legal News, we set an ambitious target of having six thousand subscribers by the end of year three, so to achieve this six months ahead of schedule is very satisfying. Our readership is still growing as more and more solicitors recognise the value in having a free, daily, relevant news service. It also gives advertisers immediate access to their target market. A number of legal firms have advertised with us for the first time this year and have been overwhelmed by the response.

HBJ Gateley Wareing, Gillespie Macandrew, Murray Donald Drummond Cook and the Public Defenders Solicitors’ Office are all currently advertising vacancies on our website. Today, we also welcome CLT Scotland, ‘Training Provider of the Year’ at the 2010 Scottish Legal Awards, as a new sponsor.

“Advocates too have continued their support of the service. In addition to display advertising, we can offer editorial support and links to websites and downloadable documents, which has encouraged Terra Firma Chambers, Murray Stable and Compass Chambers to repeat bookings. We are looking forward to continuing the development of the service and would like to thank our readers, contributors and advertisers for their support.”

Back in April, we reported that our subscriber figures had broken through the 5,000 barrier – more than one month ahead of schedule.

And now, six months ahead of our three-year anniversary, 6,027 legal practitioners, academics and students have signed-up to the daily e-bulletin.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages have also increased traffic to our website.

Scottish Legal News is a joint venture between the Scottish Legal Action Group and E-News Now Ltd, the internet wing of Scottish News Agency.

Robert Sutherland, advocate, and convenor of the Scottish Legal Action Group, added: “On behalf of the Scottish Legal Action Group I would like to congratulate SLN on its success. It is a great accomplishment, which reflects the extent to which its blend of topical news and information is appreciated by all types of legal practitioners, academics and law students.

“SLN is a great way of keeping up to date with important developments in the law and in legal practice all over Scotland.

“Scottish Legal Action Group has been proud to support this development, and it is heartening to know that so many members of the legal profession have come to enjoy it on a daily basis.”