A group of Edinburgh Financial Advisors is yet again trying to raise money for charity – this time by growing their moustaches. McLean & Melrose Wealth Management Ltd is a partner of St James’s Place and they have so far raised in excess of £2,500 this month alone.

Each year, the Edinburgh-based office help to raise money for the St. James’s Place Foundation, by running events like marathons, quiz nights and client evenings, to triathlons and climbing Mont Blanc or the 10 Tors.

They fund national and international causes, but the part that one of the group, Stuart McLean, likes best is that they can make local awards to local charities in and around the capital.

For ‘Movember’ they’ve chosen to split their fund raising directly with the charity most associated with the Movember name, Prostate Scotland.

The St. James’s Place Foundation was established in 1992, and in the last few years well over £2 million has been raised annually through its community. In 2009, a record £2.6m was raised. Over 80% of St. James’s Place Wealth Management staff and members of its Partnership make regular contributions to the Foundation via a monthly covenant. In 18 years, the Foundation has raised more than £18 million, and distributed the majority of those funds to more than 700 charities, with grants ranging from a few hundred pounds to in excess of £1,000,000.

Locally, grants have recently been awarded to children’s charities such as Signpost & The Scottish Child Psychotherapy Trust.

And here is the Before shot…..(we think the one on the right is cheating a bit….what do you think?!)