Hyde Out, one of Edinburgh’s most stylish bars, is offering a dream opportunity for its new bar staff to become masters of the hospitality trade.

The Edinburgh Quay venue is launching a recruitment drive to find Scotland’s top bar talent – with each employee receiving specialist training in more than just drinks service.

Not only will they receive full cocktail-making tuition, but wine, champagne, brewery, food and even chocolate tasting will be given.

Rowan Milne, Bar Manager, said: “Training our staff to the highest possible level is so crucial for our customers so that’s why we’re giving it so much focus. We want Hyde Out to feel like a private party with attentive staff who know what they are talking about.  All our staff will be fully aware of the need to deliver excellent customer service with extensive knowledge of the food and drink menus. As well as tasting our drinks and food as part of the training, staff will visit the source of the products and get extensive knowledge from the people who make them.”
As the newest city night spot – due to open in mid October – Hyde Out will employ around 20 people.
With the aim to cement its reputation for innovation in the hospitality sector, the jobs available will be predominantly mixologists and bar tenders. Staff will be trained by mixologist expert Iain McPherson, sample the menu’s champagne and wine, tour the brewery from where the kegs are sourced and taste the delectable food menu.

And that includes a visit to The Highland Chocolatier – Iain Burnett – who is supplying the bar with exclusive truffles which will be served not only with coffee, but with selected cocktails too.
Hyde Out is already creating an enormous buzz in the media and hospitality industry thanks to its design, unique eye-catching features, and stylish furniture.  Nowhere in Edinburgh will you find a 600 piece crystal glass chandelier, designer toiletries and Timorous Beasties wall design.
Milne added:- “This is an exciting opportunity for people who enjoy bar and waiting work.  The ideal candidate will be well presented and reliable, whilst possessing a good knowledge of beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. We offer a competitive salary and bonus scheme, together with the exciting opportunity to be part of a young, independent and expanding operator. It’s an exciting time for all of us involved with the project and we’re looking forward to welcoming the final piece to make the venue complete.”

Rory McWhirter and Rowan Milne
Kakay Li, Senior Associate Designer at KBAD Ltd and lead designer on the Hyde Out project, said Hyde Out was an exciting project to really let the imagination run wild.

She added: “I have been looking for a dream project like this for some time – a chance to really get creative and step away from the ordinary.

“Hyde Out’s concept is young and funky and we have really gone to town with that in the designs, which reflect the vibrancy and colour of the younger crowd the bar is seeking to attract.

“We came up with some fresh and innovative ideas, pushing the boundaries to ensure that the design remains unique compared with other bars in Edinburgh.”