Sharon Robertson, Children of Songea Administrator;Marie Duguid, The Melting Pot; Neil Mathers, Children of Songea CEO
Edinburgh-based charity, Children of Songea,  received an unusual donation to a community project in Tanzania today.  They were given a 1997 Renault Megane by Marie Duguid, 27, through the Giveacar initiative.

Giveacar is a social enterprise which takes old cars, sells or recycles them, and donates the proceeds to the charity of the owner’s choice.

Marie Duguid is Workspace Co-ordinator at The Melting Pot, Edinburgh’s centre for social innovation, where Children of Songea is based.  Having volunteered in Tanzania in her gap year, Marie became particularly interested in the charity’s Kijiji project after a presentation at The Melting Pot.

Marie said, “I have had my car since I turned 17 so after 10 years together I wanted to make sure she had a fitting end.  The Giveacar scheme is a great idea and it is good to know that they recycle the cars to the highest environmental standard.  Children of Songea are my chosen charity as I strongly believe in the work they are doing out in Tanzania and know that 100% of the money they raise for the Kijiji Project will help the local community in designing and building their new learning village.”

Neil Mathers, CEO of Children of Songea Trust, said,  “We are sorry that Marie has lost her wee car but delighted that she has chosen to support Children of Songea.  Her donation will help meet the costs of education and health care services for children affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. In fact, Marie’s contribution is enough to provide a daily meal for a child attending preschool for an entire year.”

The Melting Pot is a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to inspire and support people to realise their ideas for a better world.  It provides shared workspace for people working for social, economic or environmental well-being, and publicly available meeting and events space.