In days gone by dreams of a paperless office were high on the wish list of most office managers the reality has turned into a business headache thanks to the  exponential growth of virtual data.

Reports have estimated that 60% of IT budgets are currently dedicated to addressing data storage issues and as our demand for fast access to information becomes accepted, it’s a problem unlikely to go away in the near future.

LogoScottish technology company Tycom, in partnership with HP, is hosting a free seminar at The Scotsman hotel in Edinburgh on Thursday 2 September, from 9.00am to 1.00pm.  Speakers will include Paul Mulcahy and Juzer Halai from HP who will highlight how companies can manage data growth, reduce costs, improve performance and ensure scalability.

Robert Dalziel, Business Development Manager, Tycom said, “Managing data, adhering to compliance regulations, searching for efficient energy consumption and low maintenance costs from servers, can be a daunting and complex experience for SMEs, many of whom don’t often have dedicated IT managers in place.

“Data storage is also often only addressed when a company wants to upload a new system, such as email, which leads to looking at ways to consolidate and improve servers.  We want to do more with less, be able to upload new services quicker, instantly and quickly access information and be as green as possible.  Our expectations to access data have completely changed but like all aspects of business, we have to stay ahead”.

To pre-register for the free seminar please email or for further information contact Tycom on 0141 202 0744.