The Leader of The City of Edinburgh Council, Jenny Dawe, is charged with the responsibility of writing a report which is then published on the website. It seems there was no need for a report in July which is therefore omitted.

The Edinburgh City Council Leader’s report August 2010 is now available.

The Reporter has two comments about it.

The report itself is absolutely silent on the matter of the trams. Yes, we know Ms Dawe issued a special report on the trams earlier in the summer. We know that all decisions about what to do have been postponed till the council meeting in September. But the tramworks rumble on. The roads around Charlotte Square are becoming positively unusable since they have not been reinstated to any acceptable level. So could Jenny Dawe perhaps have mentioned them even in one line if only to remind us that there has been procrastination till the autumn?

The other point is this:- if you are going to write a report then we feel that you should make sure that its terms are clear and unequivocal. So we are offering this section of Ms Dawe’s report to you in the hope that some of you can tell us what it means:-

Discussions continue with colleagues from other East Coast authorities on how best to develop Scotland’s pitch to investors in the renewables sector. Fife and Edinburgh have offered support to Scottish Enterprise and SDI in ensuring that the whole region has a competitive offer.

What did the Council do? Answers on a postcard please..


  1. The revised business case which was to have been considered by the CEC in September has now been postponed for a month. Cllr Gordon Mackenzie, Transport Convenor has stated that this is to allow for ongoing discussions with Bilfinger Berger, and to provide more information to the Councillors (and thereby the public) when deciding the future direction of the Edinburgh Tram Project.

    It remains to be seen whether more information will indeed be forthcoming, or whether the regular cry of ‘commercial confidentiality’ will limit the dissemination of meaningful information.

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