The 35th annual Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival announces two ground-breaking sessions that will give the public the opportunity to engage in a British soap masterclass for the first time, at Udderbelly.

Based on the MGEITF sessions, The Wonderful Wizards of Weatherfield – 50 Years of Coronation Street: A Masterclass and EastEnders at 25: A Masterclass, they will offer the general public the chance to get under the skin of two of Britain’s biggest television shows.

Attended by key show talent including Katherine Kelly (Becky Macdonald) from Coronation Street, and Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning) and Scott Maslen (Jack Branning) from EastEnders, each interactive Underbelly session will allow the public to get behind the sensational plotlines and heart-pounding cliff-angers that have captured the imaginations of British homes for decades.

From Weatherfield to Walford, the famous faces will be joined by the Producers and Controllers who are responsible for bringing these much-loved institutions of British broadcasting to life, week in, week out.

The unmissable workshops will take place at Udderbelly in the heart of The Edinburgh Festival and are a must for soap fans as MGEITF pays tribute to two of Britain’s best-loved TV programmes.

Tickets are available for the event on 27th to 29th August 2010 now at

The Wonderful Wizards of Weatherfield – 50 Years of Coronation Street:  A Masterclass

It began with 3 women – all with different temperaments, values, backgrounds and social standing and it instantly captured the hearts of the nation.  Fifty years on, and the audience are still captivated by these ordinary people leading ordinary lives.  Other soaps have evolved but the DNA of Coronation Street remains the same: strong characters, family ties, brilliant writing and a huge injection of humour.  Join actress Katherine Kelly (Becky MacDonald), the critic Gareth MacLean and producer Kieran Roberts to discuss the highs and lows of the wonderful world of Weatherfield.

The Eastenders at 25: A Masterclass

Join soap stars Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning), Scot Maslen (Jack Branning) and BBC Controller of Drama Production, John Yorke, in an Eastenders master class. Featuring incredible unseen footage, discover the secrets of writing, producing and directing behind one of the most successful soap operas in the world. Learn how this year the production pushed the boundaries even further, producing its first live episode. You’ll be part of in-depth analysis of the story telling craft – cue drums.