Do you ever wish you could find a doggy friendly website with all the best places to take your four legged friend in Edinburgh?

Look no further than the excellent
The site features reviews of some of the best walks, pubs and restaurants around the capital for your pooch.
It is easy to navigate, encourages comments and opinions from members of the public, and is helpful if you want to see if your favourite boozer welcomes dogs.
Dugs n Pubs is interspersed with gorgeous pictures of website creator Rhian Matthews’ adorable little Lhasa Apsos, Bailie.
Rhian said: “It was like a baptism of fire getting a puppy and I looked everywhere for information, mostly from fellow dog owners.
“I soon realised that dog owners/lovers have a little community of their own.
“While the dogs have a sniff of each other us owners have a bit of a chat about this and that.
“Dog friendly activities and places often crops up in our little chats, where you can go with them, nice walks, how to get them to stop stealing your socks, that sort of thing.
“I just thought it would be useful if we all had somewhere that we could share these tidbits of information, and so the website was born.
“Bailie is a bit of a show-off too and loves having his picture taken!
This site is also worth a look for humans too.