In other European cities there are bikes available for use by citydwellers and visitors alike.

In Paris they have the Velib and in Dublin they have Dublin Bikes…..commonly known as ‘Dubikes’…..(you really need an Irish accent!)

Here is the Dublin Bike in all its glory. They have become very popular in a very short time. The cost is minimal if you take the bike for short journeys only. The basket means you can go shopping in the city centre very easily.

blue bike

Why can we not have this facility here? Has anyone asked Decaux if they would enter into the same deal with our City Council as they have in other cities?

It would not actually cost the city anything. The deal struck in Dublin was that the city got 450 bikes in exchange for allowing Decaux to advertise at the bike stations……

So come on Edinburgh City Council – let us know what you are doing about it! The visitors would love it and it might help carbon emissions in the city, waistlines and also ease congestion….