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Scottish Gin Festival begins at Lidl

 Lidl’s Scottish Gin Festival returns for a third time focussing on craft gins from the Highlands and IslandsFrom gorse to Scots pine and heather, the Lidl collection features a taste of Scotland’s...

Big name sponsor for this weekend’s gin festival

Leading intellectual property firm Marks & Clerk has been named the official corporate sponsor of an inaugural gin festival in Edinburgh.True OriGINs – the Scottish Gin Festival – is taking place today at The...

Get along to Lidl’s Scottish Craft Gin Festival

LIDL have begun their first Scottish Gin Festival which involves the company in a deal worth about £180,000 with artisan gin makers across Scotland.The new collection includes gin from Edinburgh, Shetland, Orkney, Perthshire and...

Pickering’s Gin Bottles Scotland-wide ALDI Deal

Gin from Pickering’s in Edinburgh has been hand-picked by ALDI for the retailer’s first Scottish Gin Festival, which lands in stores across Scotland from Thursday 2 November. The national listing will see thousands of bottles...


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