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Hidden Door 2018 – can you help them get their crowdfunder over the line?

Hidden Door is a not for profit multi arts festival which begins on 25 May 2018. They have just begun their crowdfunder and are very keen for as much financial support as they can...

Sugar Daddy’s looking for a sprinkling of cash

Sugar Daddy's is a little bakery on Rodney Street which sells gluten free products and nothing else. They are now looking to expand and have set up a Kickstarter campaign seeking funding of £29,000...

Books – A Bird is Not a Stone

There are not so many book launches when the author is not present; when the book in question is an anthology, the absence of any of the contributors is even more remarkable.  The poets...

Canadian launches Kickstarter campaign to write book about Scottish Castles

Contributed ArticleGreetings,I am a Canadian immigrant to Scotland from the province of Nova Scotia who is passionate about the latter’s history. I am compiling research for a book on Scottish Castles, and so far...

Eyetoons – made in Leith!

Ian Tranor is  a freelance graphic designer, based in Leith and he recently submitted a project to Kickstarter – a well known American crowd funding website that has just started accepting UK-based projects. He...


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