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Archaeologists believe this is where Edinburgh began

Archaeologists believe they have found the remains of a 12th century home in the Cowgate which was built before Edinburgh itself. The building lies alongside what the archaeologists believe would have been the town wall,...

Wednesday in Edinburgh – What’s On Today

 Soutra: the 'once powerful' hospital in the Bannockburn years - a talk by archeo-ethno-pharmacologist Dr Brian Moffatt, Director of SHARP. Soutra was the site of the greatest medieval hospital north of York - archaeologists are now...

What’s On in Edinburgh this week

Well we all know what's on in Scotland this week....but there's plenty available to take your mind off it.... MONDAY 15TH SEPTEMBER 2014All Quiet On The Western Front (1930): a film saga of German boys...

Fascinating Mummies at the National Museum of Scotland

From the mysterious, draped-filled corridor that beckons you into the show’s sepulchral inner sanctum, it’s clear that the National Museum of Scotland’s new exhibition Fascinating Mummies is going to be something special. But for...


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