Glasgow Clan head coach Malcolm Cameron (picture courtesy of Glasgow Clan) argues that investment is needed to allow youngsters to access ice hockey rinks and he firmly believes there is untapped potential for Scotland to produce more home-grown, quality players for the world’s fastest team sport.

Cameron starts his second season in Scotland this Autumn and he said: “I live in South West Florida and it’s a big football place, but we also have two National Hockey League (NHL) teams, including Tampa Bay Lightning who have won the Stanley Cup in the last couple of years.

“When I moved here 14 years ago, there was a small population who played hockey, but with minor professional teams, plus the NHL sides, and now there are a record number of kids playing.

“There are lots on non-traditional hockey areas producing players and I think Scotland has that untapped potential.

“It’s about having access to the ice whether it’s at Braehead or other arenas and it may need an investment from the Scottish Government to build more ice surfaces to get kids playing.”

Cameron also spoke about the building of his team, sponsored by Aspray Glasgow West, for next season, with eight signings confirmed so far and more to come and he highlighted the comparison between his recruitment last year to this season.

He added: “I like the roster we’ve assembled so far. There are still a couple of slots we have to finish, but putting goals in the net was one of our issues. We only had five or six guys who did the bulk of it (last season) and we needed secondary scoring and more depth in our line-up.

“When I came to recruiting the team last July, a lot of the goal-getters were off the market so I was at a disadvantage. I’ve been preparing and planning this (new) team since January.”