Mains of Taymouth Country Estate & Golf Course in Kenmore are holding a special fundraising event for a local Ukrainian relief organisation, with a raffle to win a holiday in Perthshire.

Choosing Highland Perthshire’s traditional “Raft Race Weekend”, which this year falls on the 18 and 19 June, the estate has put together a special weekend of fundraising to support existing local efforts which are being coordinated by Aberfeldy based Gavin Price who is behind the organisation, HIGHLAND PERTHSHIRE WELCOMES UKRAINE.

This group is bringing Ukrainian refugees to the area and has already raised significant sums of money to support them in the transition.

Mains of Taymouth has already allocated two of its staff accommodations for use by Ukrainian refugees, and is hoping to welcome people soon.  The issue of displacement due to conflict is particularly close to Irena Menzies as her father and mother were Polish refugees displaced in the Second World War who came to settle in Kenmore.

There is a ‘Holiday Bonanza Raffle’ offering eight luxury short breaks with a combined value over £9,000, (which will be drawn on 31 August 2022), and the weekend fundraising event will also include live music, together with food and drink tastings, and pop up shops featuring local makers.

“We’re delighted to announce this special event for Ukrainian relief,” said Robin Menzies. “We will make the raffle ticketed through a simple QR code which will be available all over the area, displayed in shops and local visitor attractions, as well as our website, with each ticket giving entry to the ‘Holiday Bonanza Raffle’.  We hope to attract lots of people who will get on board with this, so that we can donate a really good amount, therefore tickets will be £20 each.

“We’ve very grateful to John and Henry, the business owners who run the Courtyard Bar & Brasserie, and the Shop & Deli respectively.

“They have donated hampers and prizes, and are working really hard to put together a great itinerary. We’ll continue to link up with other suppliers and partner businesses in the area, such as Highland Safaris, who have also donated a fantastic private charter 4×4 Safari for 8 people as part of the main prize, and will help us promote this event.”

“With so many local individuals and businesses already committing time, effort and money to help the humanitarian effort for Ukraine, we were keen to get involved too. We’re ready to welcome refugees to the estate. We’ll do all we can to ensure they settle in and feel supported in their new environment.”

Buy a Holiday Bonanza Raffle ticket on Mains of Taymouth’s website – or make a weekend trip to enjoy the fundraising events.

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