After making a long-awaited return to performing in front of live audiences with the critically acclaimed production Life is a Dream, The Lyceum is excited to be bringing the magic of Christmas back to its stages as the world premiere of Christmas Dinner opens on Wednesday 8 December 2021 – 2 January 2022.

As Lyceum Theatre and Catherine Wheels join forces, Christmas looks a little different this year. It’s not happening, or at least not for Stage Manager Lesley, played by Elicia Daly. She is shutting down the theatre, turning off the lights, packing up the glitter curtains, the giant beanstalk, the fake snow, and going home to have dinner alone.

Christmas Dinner photo call, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, 30th Nov 2021 © 2021 J.L. Preece

Or at least, that’s the plan…

But as the bells of St Cuthbert’s strike twelve, it seems the theatre has other ideas … from the back of the costume cupboard, a troupe of festive spirits emerge with an absolute sack full of festive cheer.

Is this the last thing Lesley needs? Or can this funny Christmas clique and their festive stories help Lesley find her Christmas spirit once again?

Gill Robertson said: “Catherine Wheels are delighted to work with The Lyceum in creating a new show this Christmas. And it is NEW, brand new… it is not a fairy-tale (although you will meet fairy-tale characters), it is not a well-known festive tale (although you will be gripped by the story) and it is not what you will expect (although you will be delightfully surprised).

Christmas Dinner mirrors the theatre I love, which is thrilling, dramatic and exciting. This show will be filled with nonsense, madcap characters and stories we all know but served with a twist. And at the heart of it is a woman whose heart is broken but does eventually find her happy ending. Christmas this year at The Lyceum will be injected with joy, anarchy and enormous love!”

L-R – Bird Girl (Sprout) Played by Sita Pieraccini, Billy (Nut Roast) Played by Ronan McMahon, Madame Lady (Turkey) Played by Florence Odumosu and Fruity (Carrot) Played by Richard Conlon © 2021 J.L. Preece

Dates and Times –

Christmas Dinner runs from 6 December 2021 – 2 January 2022.

Previews will run from 6-7 December 2021

Opening night and press night will fall on Wednesday 8 December 2021 at 7pm

Matinees will open at 1.30pm and 2.30pm from Monday – Sunday
Evenings will open at 6pm and 7pm from Monday – Sunday

Socially Distanced Performances:
Wednesday 22 December at 2.30pm
Wednesday 29 December at 7pm