Counter Terrorism Liaison Officers PC Mike McGill & PC Nick Porter along with PC Greig Stephen from Police Scotland’s Licensing Department are visiting licensed premises with outdoor drinking areas this week and engaging with licensees, staff and members of the public.

The officers will discuss the main principles regarding hostile vehicle mitigation in relation to outdoor drinking areas as well as the relaxation of the Coronavirus restrictions.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) uses a blend of traffic calming measures to potentially slow down hostile vehicles and vehicle security barriers to stop hostile vehicles progressing further. There are a variety of HVM options to assist, reduce or mitigate the threat from vehicles.

These include: total traffic exclusion from an area, traffic exclusion with screening of all vehicles entering the area, traffic inclusion/free flow within an area, but with all critical/vulnerable assets within that area and temporary/supplementary barriers installed at times of heightened threat, or when a secure event is present in the area.

This morning they spoke to Steph the Designated Premises Manager at Alexander Graham Bell on George Street.

Steph is keen for further training and will encourage all staff to download the ACT app which provides practical advice and guidance help protect business, plus information on how to respond in the event of an attack

Find out more about the ACT/Urim app here –