As The Edinburgh Reporter resident romantic, I was asked to wrack my brain for a Valentine’s idea while we are all told to Stay At Home. And of course I did.

I have some questionable items in my bedroom drawers, including a wooden spoon I use to put fake tan on my back. You’ve got to love multi-tasking kitchen tools. 

My prized piece of clothing, however, is to be found in the kitchen.

I’m a lover of oysters and champagne, preferably at the same time, and to prevent myself slitting an artery I slip on my chainmail glove. So if your beloved enjoys opening things with extremely sharp knives and is into metal, and quite frankly kinky-looking accessories, I highly recommend a chainmail glove as a Valentine’s Day gift.

You could also purchase it for someone who aspires to be a Michael Jackson impersonator. 

Equally if your lover happens to sport a suspiciously orange hue in these lockdown times of no sunshine holidays, then a spare wooden spoon may be just the thing.

It doesn’t take much to impress me on Valentine’s Day. A candlelit dinner of champagne and a fish supper is probably my ideal romantic meal. If my date remembers the pickled onion and extra bottle of chippy sauce, I feel quite the princess.

Have a cracking culinary Valentine’s Day, lovers!