More than 500,000 bikes are stolen in the UK each year because they’re poorly secured or not secured at all. More than half of all bikes stolen are taken from the owner’s property.

Police Scotland have issued the following advice to help protect your bike by following these guidelines:

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What can I do before I set off?

Photograph your bike and record all of your bike’s details and distinguishing features and keep in a safe place. The serial number can be found on the bottom bracket.

Register your bicycle securely online at the National Cycle Database, Doing this may help to recover your bike if it goes missing. On registering, you can also download a bike logbook where you can record your bike’s details to keep at hand.

Security mark your bike’s frame with a UV pen or other method – the mark should include your home postcode and house number.

Insure your bike, either on contents insurance or separately if required.

How can I secure my bike if it’s kept in common close or stairwell?

Always keep your bike out of sight as best you can.

Lock your bike with two locks to a secure banister or ground anchor.

What if I store my bicycle in a garage or a shed?

For tips on garage and shed security see our advice on Keeping Your Home Secure.

Lock your bike with two locks to a ground anchor.

How should I secure my bike and its accessories when out and about?

Lock your bike up every time you leave it using secure locks (i.e. D-locks or thick cable locks).

Ideally, use two different types of lock – a thief will need more tools to steal it.

Locks are considered more vulnerable when close to the ground, so keep them off the floor.

Fasten your bike through the frame and wheel to a fixed object.

Lock your bike in a busy, well-lit place, in view of people or CCTV cameras.

Lock the bike closely to the object it’s attached to so it is difficult to manoeuvre.

Lock the wheels and remove small parts / accessories that cannot be readily secured, such as lights, pumps, water bottles, saddles etc.

Vary your routine – lock up your bike in different ways & place.

What type of cycle lock is best?

Buy the best lock you can afford. It’s tempting to spend more money on the bike, but this is pointless if it gets stolen. As a guide, spend about 10% of the cost of your bike on a lock.

Choose a ‘Sold Secure’ badged bicycle lock with a gold, silver or bronze rating.

Pedal and motorbike identification forms

The downloadable forms at the bottom of this page are a handy guide for you to record information about your bike or motorbike.  These forms can be used as your own personal record about your property for the duration of time you own it. 

Every bike or motorbike will be unique to its owner through the serial/chassis/VIN numbers but these are not the only ways to identify your property. Modifications, stickers, repairs, damage also can be used to help identify your bike and the more information you record about your property throughout its time with you, the greater possible chance we have of reuniting you with your property if unfortunately lost or stolen. 

If you keep these forms up to date and in a place you remember, if you ever have to report your bike lost or stolen, you will have the perfect reference tool for making your report.