COVID forced people to spend their whole of 2020 indoors. How it has changed the gaming industry, you can read here. And what did they miss during this whole period? Of course the hustle-bustle of social gatherings. With everyone trapped indoors, the only solace was the online gaming platforms.

You will be amazed to know that the online gambling industry registers more than $60B turnovers annually! 26% of the world total population gamble regularly. Most are switching to online platforms. And why not? Online gambling offers them the benefit of enjoying the ambiance without even moving away from their couch.  

You can know more about different gambling games on the csgo gambling website. And, many people whose countries’ do not allow casinos can also enjoy online games. With so much optimism piqued against the online gambling industry, let us see which trends and technological innovations are going to make tables turn this year:

  1. Better 3-D graphics: Most of the online gamblers complain of one thing; lack of real-time experience. More and more gaming platforms are working on the introduction of immersive 3-D graphics into the games. This will allow gamblers to get the feel. 

Designers are working to mimic the actual gambling spots and recreate them into the gams. It is the gaming industry that has fuelled the growth of 3-D graphics. Imagine walking through a typical door into a racecourse or a casino.

Software like Daz Studio by Daz 3D allows users to face morph and face swap. This makes character playing seem more real. However, if the gambling platforms innovate in this direction, it will require the users to own a laptop or a mobile phone with a high variant of the graphic card.

  • Cryptocurrencies as payment: Cryptocurrencies are the next-big-thing in the world of online gambling. Cryptocurrencies give the users ease of anonymity and better security. For the gambling platforms, it means no dependence on typical payment platforms and a lesser tax burden. Most nations do not have a clear tax regulation on the use of bitcoins.

This works for the industry’s benefits. 2021 will see more gambling platforms opting for this or at least giving this as an option. Apart from that, the use of bitcoins is going to increase post-pandemic after the typical currency has shown its volatility.

  • AR-VR games: Together with the immersive 3-D graphics, the online gambling industry is going to see a spurt in games with AR-VR interface. Of course, the users will be required to wear and AR-VR gear. When coupled with the 3-D graphics, this will prove to be the ultimate experience for any gamer.

Most gaming platforms will allow either choosing the avatars or face merge with the characters for the real-time feeling. If you cannot shell out money to visit a casino, this window is going to give you the best experience. More and more developers are working on this front. Also, the AR-VR gear might cost the users a few extra dollars but that will save them from traveling somewhere and spending extra bucks.

  • Cloud gaming: Most online games are now cloud-based. This trend is going to increase in 2021. Cloud gaming will allow users to access the platform from anywhere. Apart from that, there is no necessity of owning the required hardware.

You just need a good GPU or a high-end smartphone and a steady internet connection. With cloud-based gambling, you will be able to place bets in real-time or play multi-player games. There are already many table game variants that use cloud storage. It saves them from the necessity of owning the hardware while increasing the user base. You can play the game from anywhere in the world!

  • Real-time dealers: What is gambling without dealers? This year is going to see virtual reality take the next step. Most gambling websites are going to allow live dealers in their games. Most already have live gaming. You can find more games like that here.

This means you will not be dealing with a computerized version but a real person. This is going to involve some sophisticated hardware and software as well. The face may be merged and the hand movements may be co-ordinated either by motion sensors or some motion software.

This is touted as the next exciting feature in the gambling industry and it will be worth seeing how different platforms innovate.

  • Smartphones and smartwatches: Smartphones’ advent has umped the gambling industry. People can now access websites from anywhere. This coupled with better internet connectivity is the reason for the steady growth of this industry.

So, most platforms are eyeing to use it to the maximum profit. Most gambling websites have launched apps or have optimized their websites for mobile phones. Along with that, many smartwatch manufacturers are working to include more functionalities in the watches. Most people today own smartwatches. But they have limited functionalities.

Apart from tracking health metrics or reading messages, they do not perform many functions. But if these watches allow users to place bets by accessing gambling websites, it will be phenomenal. Also, the gambling websites will have to either optimize their website for smartwatches or launch an app for that.

  • Increase in blockchain gambling platforms: One issue that continuously haunts the gambling platforms is fraud and taxation issues. With gambling platforms switching to blockchain-based gaming, they will be relieved of these issues. No online frauds or loss of information. blockchain will allow users to access their transaction history from anywhere.

The final say: Gambling is seeing unprecedented growth. However, any industry thrives on constant change and innovation. This year expects to see some path-breaking changes in the way the gambling industry works. Increased transparency, a better user interface, and a safer payment portal are some of the most touted changes. It will be interesting to see how the industry responds to popular demand.