Edinburgh Zoo has recently welcomed two Asian small-clawed otters, Barry and Luna to Corstorphine.

Staff at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland say the pair are becoming more confident each day and enjoy exploring their new enclosure.  

Andrew Laing, senior carnivore keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, said, “Barry and Luna are settling well into their new home and are already very bonded.   

“They were quite shy when they first arrived last month and still like to spend a lot of their morning in their underground holts but in the afternoon, they come out for a dip in their pool and a nosy at what our visitors are up to. 

“Luna is the more confident of the two and you can tell her apart from Barry as she has a pink nose and he has a black nose.”  

Visitors hoping to spot the new otter pair must pre-book zoo tickets before their visit.


All photos courtesy of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland/Laura Moore