Lottoland competes against The National Lottery with Lotto x5

There’s a new way of playing the lottery with Lottoland as an alternative to The National Lottery. Lottoland’s Lotto 5 is an exciting online betting game with top jackpots of $1 million.

Betting is of course all about luck. And if you wish to try your luck today, the newest platform is Lottoland. 

Lottoland offers a wide variety of interesting games for you to play and have a chance of winning the big jackpot. 

Lotto, is one of the four games in The National Lottery. It is operated as a franchise granted by the National Lottery Commission. Set up originally in 1994, it is operated by the Camelot Group. There are other games including Thunderball, Lotto Hotpicks and Euromillions played across the whole of Europe. Most people who play buy a ticket at one of the many retail outlets where they are on offer.

Lottoland is different. It is an online UK website that offers a range of international lotteries, including Lotto ×5, for players to try their hand at.

Although both of these lotteries are based on a similar concept, there are differences in the number of bets which can be placed per ticket, the number of tickets anyone can purchase, and the number of times these lotteries are played each week.

What’s new? 

You can buy a subscription style bet from Lottoland if you have played it once and just want to place this bet every time the lottery goes live.

Lottoland also offers discounts on subscriptions so there are benefits. 

The subscription can be bought quite easily, and you may cancel the subscription anytime. Just visit the “My Activity” section to cancel a subscription bet that you’ve bought. 

Is Lottoland reliable?

The internet is packed with probably a thousand gambling websites, and it can become quite tricky to tell which is a genuine lottery. 

  • First check if the lottery is licensed by a relevant authority and look for the different payment options that the site offers. To generalise if more payment options are offered, the site is considered more trustworthy.
  • Lottoland is regarded as one of the most reliable websites .

It is licensed by the UK’s National Lottery Commission and it offers an engaging variety of games for the users to enjoy.

Why would you choose to play Lottoland’s Lotto 5?

There are many reasons why players choose Lotto ×5 over any other lotteries available.

  • You can place a bet of just £1. 
  • With one ticket for the lottery, you can get five chances of winning.
  • The lottery goes live three times a week, that is, every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 
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  • The lottery has a straightforward formatting that is explained on Lottoland’s website.
  • There is a responsive customer care service that is always on hand to solve any of your queries.

The game rules of Lotto x5

  • You have to choose six numbers from 1 to 59. You can also select “Quick +1” to generate a random set of numbers for you to bet on. 
  • On one ticket, you can buy up to 12 lines or system bets. 
  • The lottery offers an RTP (Return to Player) of 46.28%. This includes all of the extra four draws. 
  • You can have a bet on the website for a duration of 1, 2, 4, 8, 26, or 52 weeks. 

You can check Lottoland’s website for more clarity about the game rules and the subscription bet. 

Check the FAQ section on the website

How to play Lottoland’s Lotto 5?

  • Visit Lottoland’s website where you can register for free.
  • Add funds to your account through any of the payment options available.
  • Go to the main menu and tap on “Lotto ×5” which takes you to the lottery’s page. 
  • Fill in the numbers which you’ve chosen and click on “Submit” and “Proceed.”

Lottoland’s Lotto 5 is strong competition to the UK National Lottery. Check Lottoland’s website to find more exciting games like these.

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